Sunday, April 19, 2015

Here We Are Again

Hi Mom,

How's it going? I haven't "seen" you around much, so you must be busy doing whatever it is souls do in the afterlife. Stop by if you get a chance. The light in my heart is always on.

It's hard to believe it's been almost eleven years. This last year really went by fast for me. A lot happened, that's for sure.

The best thing that has happened lately is the opportunity to help Gloria. Going over there almost every day has probably saved what's left of my sanity. I feel needed and useful for the first time in a long time. Susan K. thinks it's great. I'm not sure who benefits more, me or Gloria. It's probably about equal.

I wish I'd been as helpful to you when you were still here. You cannot imagine the regrets I have--(well, maybe you can) especially when I chose to go to Philly instead of Denver on what would have been the last time we'd have seen one another. I kick myslf in the ass every day for that. How effing stupid. I'm sorry doesn't begin to cover it.

Can you believe the crap that is going on? How in the hell did I let this happen? I'm not sure how to handle it or even what the real situation is. If you have any insights, please advise, somehow-- preferably in an obvious manner. I'm not as adept at this kind of long-distance communication as I once was. You probably already know that, though.

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Tell Dad & everybody I said hello, assuming you travel in the same circles.

I miss the hell out of you.



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