Monday, April 28, 2014

In the Beginning

Vivian was born in Bridgewater, South Dakota on December 27, 1919--the youngest of 12 children. They thought Mom was stillborn at first, and set her aside. She was blue and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Fortunately, my Aunt Idie, Mom's eldest sister, noticed some movement and somehow got Mom to breathe. 

Thank G-d.

Her mother named her Vivian, which means "lively." I doubt my grandmother knew that, though. Mom was lively, that's for sure--once she got going.  

Her middle name was Margaret. She changed it to Delores in 1971 when she divorced my dad. I never knew her middle name was Margaret, nor did I know she'd changed it until she died and I found the legal documents. I always knew her as Vivian Delores and so did the rest of the world, as far as I know.

Mom was full of secrets--

and surprises.

Delores means "sorrow." My mom was Lively Sorrow. It's fitting, yet ironic. It's hard to explain. You would have had to know her.

Mom's favorite color was blue.